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Bringing Stories to Life

The video portion of the museum experience is what really brings history to life. We interview people with first person account of historic events, experts in their field and preservationists. What all of these people have in common is a passion for what they are talking about and are genuinely interesting in preserving cultural heritage and sharing it with others.

In the videos, we captured this passion. The video brings the viewer along to show them what the speaker is talking about. It is like having your own personal tour guide.

Example - Restoration of the Site Begins


The Burian family purchased the Hutmacher site and donated it to the Dunn Co. Historical Society.

The county historical society did not have the resources to maintain the buildings so the property was returned to the Burian family.

This segment of the Hutmacher story covers how Preservation North Dakota got involved in restoring the site.

Example - Discovering a 350 year old Dugout Canoe


Doug Pederson tells a first person account of how the Minnesota River canoe on display at the Chippewa County Historical Society was found.

He also talks about the effort to preserve the canoe after being removed from the Minnesota River.

Bringing the Hutmacher to Life