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User Manual

JPC Media LLC developed a user manual for a software program designed to provide enterprise level e-mails security.

The Users Manual covers the tasks performed by the systems administrative manager. It is designed to guide the users through the various administration tasks. The document uses storytelling techniques to go beyond just the procedural steps for various tasks.

As the "story" unfolds, the document delivers background information and an explanation of options at points in the process where the information is needed to set up the system correctly.

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Printed Circuits From A to Z

Printed Circuits From A to Z was developed to provide an overview of the processes used to make a printed circuit board. The intended audience are new employees with no prior experience in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

This document was also used as sales tool explaining processes to customers and to highlight the company's process control efforts.

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Introduction to Operations Management

This document contains reference material for an introductory course on Operations Management developed by JPC Media.

Contents include; Inventory control and management, Process Capability, Capacity planning and the impact of changing technology.

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