Technical Documentation


Our Competitive Advantage

Our competitors advertise technical writing services but don't actually perform the services you need. They are in the business of recruiting people and marking up the labor costs.

JPC Media LLC has taken a different approach. We have focused on simply providing high quality technical writing services to our clients. We make our money by actually performing the tasks necessary to meet our client's objectives.

We have invested in the equipment, software and personal development giving us the capability to enter almost any situation and be productive almost immediately. We have developed and refined our unique capabilities over the last 20 years and this is what sets us apart from other companies who offer technical writing services. Unlike our competitors, our clients are not required to supply equipment, software or training.

Because our partners both perform the work and own the business, we are highly motived to provide the best service possible and to complete your project on time and under a budget limit.

Finally, because JPC Media LLC doesn't simply get a contract and then turn around and sub-contract the work to someone else, we can offer our services at a substantially lower cost than the typical recruiter based service often, 25 to 40% less.

In short, we have structured our business to provide our clients with high quality technical writing services at a very competitive rate.

High Quality Technical Documents